My story

Greetings! My name is Mark Hubler.

Who is that, you may ask?

I am a Christian, a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I am a Husband of one wife for 22 years and counting. I am a Father of 6 wonderful children. I am a Musician. I am a career Fireman for 21 years and counting. I have been the State Chairman for a conservative political party. We live on a couple acres in the desert near Phoenix, Arizona, where we raise some animals and grow some food.

My purpose is to glorify God with my life. My goal is to reform all areas of life to God’s standard as defined in His Word, The Bible. My goal is first to reform MY life to His standard, then to be used by Him to reform family, church, culture, music, work, money, politics and civil government to His standards.

Growing Up...

I was born and raised in Virginia, in a large suburban neighborhood, approximately 20 miles west of Washington D.C. I was raised by two parents that loved the Lord, and passed their faith on to my four siblings and me. Growing up, I regularly attended small local churches and had many spiritual discussions with my parents. I was taught by my parents and the church that I was a sinner, had broken God’s Law and was headed for eternity in Hell. I was told of Jesus’ birth, life and sacrificial death, and that if I believed on Jesus I could be forgiven my sins and given the free gift of eternal life, in heaven, with Him. I believed in Jesus at a young age and although there have been rough spots in my life, He has been faithful to keep me and to turn me back to Himself when I have strayed.

I attended public school through high school, then went to James Madison University where I received my degree in Music Performance. My focus was classical music, and my instrument was the trombone. I then went on to pursue my Master’s Degree in the same at Arizona State University on a full-ride scholarship. After my first year at ASU, my father died from cancer at age 49. This caused me to reevaluate my life and the direction I was heading. Through much prayer and contemplation, I decided that God was leading me to get out of the pursuit of a professional music career. I dropped out of the master’s program with a little more than half the coursework complete.

The Latter Years

Over the course of the next few years, I met and married my wife and began a career as a fireman. We also had our first daughter. All of these things were life-changing experiences. God had already been reforming my doctrine from a traditional, independent Baptist Dispensational Theology to a more Covenantal, Reformed Baptist Theology. This was a long process, but God is good. Over the next few years, God began reforming my beliefs on family life, education, church, politics and government.

The life of a Christian is one of constant reformation as we are being gradually reformed into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is this blessed life that I desire to share with others and to be used by God to encourage, exhort and model others. All to the Glory, Laud and Honor to my King – Jesus.

Semper Reformanda!